Free donations, museum tickets, purchases in our bookshop, 5×1000 and even reviews are ways to support our business, invest in culture and “make the memory active”.

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In large web supermarkets you can find our discounted publications. But here you make a choice: carry with you a history of the Archive of the diaries and at the same time support the cause of memory.

If you have an income in Italy, among the many ways you have to support the cause of memory there is also 5×1000. To allocate it to our museum, sign in the box of protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage and indicate the tax code 01375620513.

We are small and we are hidden in the heart of the Apennines; but your review can help many other people to discover this memory garrison; write what you have tried and why in your opinion it is worth getting to Pieve Santo Stefano to visit the Little Museum of Diaries. This is also a way to support the cause of memory.